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I have a strong emphasis on clear and concise communication with my clients. High calibre technical skills is just one of many strengths that I possess. Together with my excellent communication skills, I provide the exact solution that fit your needs.

Quality of a solution is only as good as a person's understanding of both the problem itself and the context of the problem. I have a Bachelor Degree in Engineering and Commerce, majoring in IT Engineering, Corporate Finance, Investment Finance, Quantitative Finance and Accounting. This background provides me the foundation to understand and find solutions for a broad range of business and technical problems.

I understand that as a small business, you need to keep your costs low and re-invest as much as possible to grow your business. I will work together with you to devise a solution that suits your budget.

I'm not a fly-by-night operator. When I agree to take on your project, I am committed until the problem is solved.

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